Excercise & Massage Services

Take Advantage of Gentle Yoga Classes and Personal Training Services

Pilates Plus Inc in Laguna Hills, California, provides services to reduce stress, improve strength, and increase flexibility while optimizing the body's natural abilities to heal. We use gentle yoga, personal training, and more to facilitate effective rehabilitation from injuries and surgery. Our team is equipped to work with beginners to advanced athletes. Whether you need a massage to relieve tension or you would like to participate in a regular Pilates Reformer class, we have the right option for you.

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapist has over 25 years of bodywork experience. Take advantage of decades of experience and enjoy a Swedish or deep tissue massage. The first uses long gentle strokes, while the second is more focused work that loosens tight muscles to release chronic tension. Whether you need therapy or simply want to treat yourself, a massage reduces anxiety, promotes sleep, and stimulates the immune system.


Using classic Reformer machines, our highly qualified Pilates instructors provide private support and motivation in a warm and friendly environment. We give clients focused guidance and specific modifications during each personalized workout. Our goal is to help individuals achieve: Total Body Conditioning | Mind/Body Awareness | Increased Flexibility | Improved Core Muscle Strength | Better Overall Posture

Personal Training

If you prefer a traditional approach to staying in shape, we also offer personal training sessions that last one hour. Our trainers can accommodate almost any schedule. We have a variety of free weights, ropes, and other equipment to provide a balanced workout with an emphasis on developing your core.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is an ideal combination of stretching, meditation, and relaxation. It not only gives your body a full tune-up, but it is also a low-impact form of movement for people recovering from injuries. These classes run for one hour every Monday, and our instructor is very patient and knowledgeable. She can create modifications to work with almost any injury.


We offer a variety of essential oils and other health products. Please contact us directly or visit our location to learn about pricing.